Bragança, is again today, a place of reunion with the past and the present.

The Centre for the Interpretation of Sephardi Culture in Northeastern Trás-Os-Montes is located at rua Abílio Beça (Street), in the building neighbouring the Contemporary Art Centre Graça Morais. This street and urban axis, are located in the Historical Centre of Bragança and the Urban Rehabilitation Area of Bragança and anchored at Praça da Sé (Square) and extramural area on the north of the citadel and zone of the Castle. Here are concentrated a serious of buildings which had a preponderant role in the growth and historical evolution of the city, as well as today, where we also have the main museums of the city, including the Memorial Bragança Sefardita. This last is a space that seeks the memory and stimulates the introspection and reflection on the past and the present.

The knowledge, from the understanding of the presence of the Sephardi Culture in Bragança, as a form of homage and understanding and construction of an intercultural coexistence. This building, is also a bridge to the world that enables the study and the reading also aiming at the constitution of a future memory archive.