Bragança and the Sephardi memory

Guided by the stimulus of recovering the Sephardic memory and identity, the Municipality of Bragança has today two more spaces, fundamental for its cultural life: the “Centre for the Interpretation of the Sephardi Culture in Northeastern Trás-os-Montes” (CICS) and the Memorial and Documentation Centre  – Bragança Sefardita (Sephardi Memorial), both located at the Rua dos Museus (Museums' street).

The first, CICS, remits to the Sephardi History in the territory,  constructing a narrative starting at the Medieval Period, with the economical development of the region, passing through the weight and place of the brigantine financial dynasties of the Modern Era, and, also, by the many men of culture in Diaspora, ending in an intense impression dedicated to the Inquisition.

The second space, the Memorial, in partnership with the Rede de Judiarias de Portugal – Rotas de Sefarad, complements and dialogues with the first. In an mixed approach – material and  virtual - the interior space and the light refer to the memory. A small synagogue, shows didactically the religious dimension. And the place of the woman, the rites and the calendar have consecrated space on the remaining floors, making the connection to the presence and dimension of Sephardi life in the city of Bragança. The course and ascension, culminate, at the last floor, in a space dedicated to the study and investigation where we find a (digital) memory(ies) archive and documentation centre.

Bragança Museums Map