The construction of memory is a process that is intended to be valued and remember. That is, with the Memorial Bragança Sefardita, the equation: RE + MEMORY + RESIDE will have a NEW HOUSE as a way of welcoming and preserving the past in order to value the present.

We invite those interested to share testimonies that recover memories of the Sephardic Jews linked to this territory and to the diaspora: photographs, letters, genealogies or other material and immaterial elements.

If you are interested, as well as to send elements, you can do so through the email address: and / or by post to: Município de Bragança - (Centro de Documentação Memorial Bragança Sefardita), Forte S. João de Deus , 5300-263 Bragança.

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As a first sample we provide an extract of a video of the RTP archive regarding a news item about the location of Carção.

Como uma primeira amostragem disponibilizamos um extrato de um vídeo patente no arquivo da RTP relativo a uma notícia sobre a localidade de Carção.